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You are a diamond in the rough of the Catskills. You made my life so much easier. Keep being incredible.

Chet Cochrane
Skidmore, 2014

Nancy Rullo was the perfect fit for our situation. Our son and daughter (twins) saw Nancy separately, and we had a unique opportunity to see how she develops a different approach for each student, based on specific needs. Nancy saw them both through test preparation, application essay writing, and interview preparation. It made our job easier and took a lot of the stress out of what can be a very difficult time in any household with college-bound teens. Both of our kids ended up at their first choice of colleges, our daughter at Barnard and our son at Johns Hopkins. Our whole family came to regard Nancy as a friend. We can't recommend her highly enough.

Mark Lerner and Nancy Howell, Phoenicia, NY

The weekly sessions with Nancy during my junior and senior years of high school helped me get into a great college and developed my writing skills in ways that have continued to benefit me throughout my career. They were delightful as well as useful; I enjoyed every minute of my time with Nancy. Somehow, she made the college application process fun, engaging, and best of all: stress free! I was a good student but a star procrastinator, so having Nancy give me weekly assignments was exactly what I needed to keep me on track. She also helped me increase my SAT scores 170 points (out of 1600). I can't recommend Nancy highly enough!

Ariel Azoff, Brooklyn, NY
Georgetown University, Class of 2009

Awesome! My friends were so jealous when I was finished all my applications and essays way ahead of them and I wasn’t freaked out! Got into great schools also!

Alex J.

I am grateful to Nancy Rullo. My three children worked with Nancy during their junior and senior years. During the process of helping them study for their SAT's, she talked to them, learning their likes and challenges, which helped her select several colleges that would be a good fit for my children. She encouraged them to keep accurate files and made sure the applications met the requirements. They were accepted by all the colleges Nancy suggested and they could pick the one that gave them the best academic challenges and financial aid. Nancy was firm, friendly, and professional, encouraging them and pushing them to do work they might otherwise have put aside. She set reasonable goals and I'm grateful for all her efforts. I highly recommend using her to help your children with their college applications and SAT scores.

Heather Marsten, Shokan, NY

Nancy, thanks for never being afraid to tell me when your eyes were glazing over as you read my essays!

Avery Edelman, Tufts, 2014

You have been truly a wise and trusted teacher. My son and I believe that the environment that you create for your students is supportive, non judgmental and confidential. Yes, from a practical point of view, you prepare young students for the SAT and assist them in writing college essays, but your approach to this task is unique. You inspire the students to achieve self-confidence – to assure that they are not intimidated by the process of testing and college applications.

You help each student think about who they are, what they want educationally for their future, and encourage them to reach for their goals. At the same time you prevent them from overextending themselves. What a wonderful balance.

Finally, you create a truly trusting relationship with a student so he or she can share hopes and fears that they may never share with another person – adult or teen. Surely you have been a mentor to my son and so many others.

Anonymous, Holy Cross 2009

I started seeing Nancy for SAT prep; six years later I still see her whenever I can! Nancy not only helped me get into the college of my dreams, but she helped me improve my writing skills and manage my time better, while providing me with hours of enjoyment and friendship. I consider Nancy a friend and a mentor and a vital person to my life!

Marika Azoff
University of Rochester, 2015

Nancy worked with me and helped me plan my future which did not include a four year school right away. I play sports for my community college now. When my course schedule was not working out with the counselor there, I went to her and we looked through the college’s catalog and made a plan. Now I am signed up for the perfect schedule for next semester.

Onteora HS, 2013

I had little self-confidence. I didn’t know what to write my essay about. I felt as if I was very ordinary, almost invisible. Nancy talked to me a lot and she pointed me to an aspect of my life that seemed special to her. I wrote about it and my guidance counselor thought it was a great essay. Two years after I got to college, I thought to call her and tell her how much the time spent with her had meant to me. I was surprised to realize that she remembered me, but I know now that she does.

SUNY Oneonta, 2004

Thanks again for all you do with Emily. She is having a great time and totally adores you!  You have given both Sam and Emily a special, meaningful relationship that has really impacted their development as students and as human beings. We are so grateful.

Peter Einhorn and Beth Abrams
Emily, Kingston HS, 2015
Sam, Johns Hopkins