College choices

Who am I?



College Advising

Throughout my work with students we constantly review lists of schools to visit and ideas for how to approach the college tour. During this time students’ early interests frequently change according to what they observe. As they mature throughout the year students develop realistic priorities and it is not uncommon for students to apply to colleges they had never initially considered.

Test Prep

Weekly classes and practice tests in both SAT and ACT to build vocabulary, math, grammar and general test-specific skills. Most other test prep courses rely on one method for all students, either in a group or an individual session. My classes are individual, geared to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Our mutual goal is to “do the best I can.”

Practice Interviews

Through my coaching, and the students’ practice, the anxiety about “What will they ask me?” is transformed into “What I can tell them about myself?” The practice interview helps students to recognize the many unique qualities and experiences they can share with the interviewer, as well as to develop a set of pertinent questions, to determine if the college is right for them. This process builds confidence, and excitement.

Resume Writing

We work to highlight the most important activities and to add a separate professional-looking resume if needed.

Essay Skills

The college essay is initially daunting, but at the end of this process, most students are actually awed by what they have discovered about themselves. Frequently the topic evolves slowly and insights are gained throughout the writing process. The process is collaborative and non-judgemental, and students feel comfortable exploring ideas and topic areas due to the one-on-one personal approach.


Finally, I guide families through the application and their supplements, making sure that the student is represented as completely as possible, and that the common pitfalls of the online application are avoided, to ensure that the college receives the full application at the right time.